Douglas Gansler, Caitlin Kasmar, and Antonio Reynolds

State Attorneys General

BuckleySandler has successfully represented clients in investigations and enforcement matters before Attorneys General across the country.  Early in 2015, Douglas F. Gansler joined the firm, expanding and becoming the leader of the State Attorneys General practice group.  Mr. Gansler is a former two-term Maryland Attorney General, two-term State’s Attorney, past President of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), and a former Assistant United States Attorney. During his term as President of NAAG, Mr. Gansler’s focus was on “Privacy in the Digital Age.”

Our State Attorneys General practice provides comprehensive representation to clients with respect to all aspects of state Attorneys General activities. We closely track and anticipate state Attorneys General trends and developments that may affect our clients. If a state Attorney General’s office expresses an interest in a particular client, BuckleySandler attorneys advise and make every effort to resolve the matter short of litigation. When the firm is retained to litigate, BuckleySandler’s team of litigators effectively and aggressively represents its clients' interests to resolve the dispute. Our lawyers also represent corporate clients at NAAG conferences and meetings and Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) and Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) conferences. The firm seamlessly represents clients in parallel federal and state Attorneys General investigations and litigation matters.

We bring our diverse backgrounds and extensive experience to address state Attorneys General matters across a great variety of industries, including financial services, digital commerce, payments and data risk, cybersecurity, health care, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, insurance, and other consumer-centric industries.

Recent representative matters include

  • Representing an on-line education company with alleged Consumer Protection Act violations before multiple state Attorney General’s offices. (Pennsylvania, Washington and New York)
  • Representing a national check cashing company on alleged violations of consumer excess fee charging practices.
  • Represented JPMorgan Chase Bank in a joint CFPB and Maryland Attorney General investigation into allegations that loan officers accepted leads and marketing assistance from a now-defunct title company in exchange for referrals to the title company. The investigation resulted in a settlement for less than $1 million with no admission of liability. (Maryland)
  • Represented a national homebuilder in a lawsuit alleging violations of the state Consumer Fraud Act related to lending sales and practices. Also represented our client in an affirmative lawsuit against the AG claiming the state had violated its due process rights related to its retention of outside counsel. (Arizona)
  • Represented a mortgage company in an investigation of alleged disparities in pricing of loans made to African American and Latino customers. (New York)
  • Represented a mortgage company in a lawsuit alleging unfair and deceptive lending and loan servicing practices. (Massachusetts)
  • Represented several mortgage servicers in a lawsuit alleging breach of contract and state Consumer Sales Practices Act violations. (Ohio)
  • Represented various insurance companies in Hurricane Katrina-related matters involving the Road Home Program. (Louisiana) 
  • Represented a national tax preparation service in an investigation initiated by the Maryland AG and state comptroller, which closed 23 Maryland-based franchises. We conducted an extensive internal review and prepared a report on the client’s processes and operations, resulting in the reopening of the franchises and no assessment of penalties or fines.

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